VMT High School promoted to Higher Secondary School

We’ve launched our appeal to raise funds for the second phase of the VMT Higher Secondary School.

After a long and bleak time during Covid, our children and young people are at last back at their schools and colleges, bringing much missed chatter and laughter after the many months of closed doors and depressing silence.

There’s even more buzz at our Higher Secondary School as this year, incredibly, we have welcomed 400 more students. Thanks to our reputation, the High School has been upgraded to a Higher Secondary School, the equivalent of the UK’s Sixth Form. Ours is the only free school offering further education for many a mile which has attracted all ages from fee-paying schools and many children from outlying villages.

We’re thrilled at our success, of course, but success costs! We now need to build a 12-classroom extension to the existing building. We also need another school bus to ferry the pupils from the villages further afield to and from the school – ours is the only free school to offer a school bus.

Sylvia handing over the first school bus to the headmistress

The Tamil Nadu Government is helping us with the cost of the building but we have to find the lion’s share.

The VMT Higher Secondary School Shopping List includes

£10,000 fully furnished classroom
£50 classroom blackboard
£50 bus seat
£85 desk and bench set for one pupil
£20 ceiling fan to keep the heat at bay
£20 set of three uniforms

Any help you can give us – payment can be made here – would be greatly appreciated.

For further details info@venkattrust.org.uk