Sun News – translation from Tamil

A teacher can transform society, a trust can transform a government school without any basic facilities to a school with international standards equivalent to a private school. Yes, the Government High School in Kovalam with the support of Venkatraman Memorial Trust is challenging private schools with their facilities.

My name is Jaiganesh, I am from Kovalam Chemmancheri. Earlier I studied at the Panchayat Union Primary School and later moved to this Government High School. My favourite subject is Science. My teacher always encourages me to do any science experiment. We regularly come to the Science Lab to do various experiments. After joining in this school, I learnt various things in science.
We secure prizes in various science exhibitions wherever it is conducted. Our school does not have any rules in using the equipment in the lab, they always tell us that you can use whatever is required for your experiment. My favourite equipment in the lab is the microscope. We learn our subject using it, our teacher places the leaf under the microscope and explains about the cell, teaches us about the DNA and lots more. So, I like my Science lab a lot.

As well as the science lab, there is a school bus for the students to come to school, music classes once a week, a large library, computer lab, smart classrooms and snooker training. The school is on a par with private schools. All these facilities are provided by Venkatraman Memorial Trust.

The majority of the students who study here are from Kovalam, the surrounding fishing villages and underprivileged families.

These school students outshine in sports and science exhibitions in various district and state level competitions. These students also participate in the State snooker tournaments and bag the prizes. Not only this but the pass percentage of these students in English subject is 100 per cent.

When the students and parents come to this Government High School, they think that this is an ordinary government school but then they see all the facilities provided in this school are equivalent to private schools and more.

My name is Chitradevi, Graduate Maths teacher and this is Savithri, Graduate English teacher and we are working in this government high school. I had previously worked in various schools but when I joined here, I was very much surprised by its facilities and the students looked like private matriculation school students in neat uniforms, ties and shoes which are being provided by Venkatraman Memorial Trust.

I am very proud and happy to say that the students want to come to school regularly and ask why we have holidays on Saturdays and Sundays!