Curry Lunch

To stand on a rostrum and deliver a speech in your mother tongue is nerve wracking enough, to do so in the language of a country you’ve never visited before must be totally daunting. But JR pulled it off with huge aplomb, much to the delight of the VMT supporters gathered together for our biannual Curry Lunch at Sussex County Cricket Club, this time, happily, with all three of Team Kovalam present. It was a joyous occasion, made very special by having JR, Ali and Jude with us who, as one of our guests remarked, were “working the room like pros”.

JR's speech at the Curry Lunch

JR’s speech at the Curry Lunch

Once again we had a very good turnout but there were many unable to come due to other commitments as well as those who live too far away to make the journey. JR’s speech can be read here and a shortened edition of Sylvia’s slide show can be downloaded here. Download the latest Newsletter here.