The Trust supports the Panchayat school (the village state primary) and Kovalam High School, which was built and equipped by the Venkat Trust. This includes ensuring that high standards are maintained, that specialist teachers, books, equipment and uniforms are provided and buildings are well cared for.

Among the 50 villages in the area – known as the Thripoure Block – Kovalam came top in academic results, school maintenance and attendance and the Panchayat school had even better results than St Joseph’s, the fee paying school.

The Panchayat school has come far since its neglected state a few years ago, so much so that the Government has now granted it English and Tamil streams so that those with more ability can learn all their lessons in English.

The Trust pays university fees for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


The Trust pays teachers’ salaries.

  • 2 English teachers for the Panchayat children.
  • 2 PE teachers
  • 2 Tamil teachers
  • 1 IT teacher
  • 1 Snooker coach

University fund

The Trust funds the university fees of 67 undergraduate and postgraduate students.These cover all fees and incidental costs for their three or four years of study. Successful students are chosen on the basis of academic ability, good character and economic need.

The picture below shows four university students.

Vocational training

As well as doctors, lawyers and teachers, Kovalam needs skilled craftsmen and women. The Trust pays the fees of any students wishing to go on to vocational training when they leave school.