Uber Mummies Running Brighton Half Marathon for VMT

Alex Smallman, VMT trustee John Whelan’s fiancée and a wonderful supporter of the Trust, is running the Brighton Half Marathon for us on Sunday (23 February 2020).

It’s Alex’s third Half Marathon for VMT and she is joined again by lots of her Uber Mummies, who together over the past two years have raised enough money for seven full university scholarships.

John and Alex were in Kovalam a few weeks ago and met the scholarship students as well as the children they sponsor personally. The village buzzes when they’re visiting.

As Alex explains “We hope to be able to fund more scholarships as this is the extension of education that is vital for future employment & bringing money back to the families & to the village. We have started a legacy which I am determined to continue and grow year on year as our community with Uber Mummies continues to expand”.

Please sponsor Alex’s Half Marathon for VMT and support our work in Kovalam. Every single penny raised will go to our work in India where it makes a huge difference to the lives of the village’s children and young people.