The High School opens

Arriving on the first day at their new High School

Red Letter Day: Monday, 15 July 2013 – the day the Venkat Trust’s new high school was opened. The first day at secondary school is always filled with excitement and nervousness but going to a brand new school is even more thrilling. The headmaster, his newly appointed teachers and the Kovalam trustees of the Venkat Trust welcomed the first 250 pupils to the school, the teaching side of which has now been taken over by the Tamil Nadu Government. VMT’s work is not finished, however.

Going into the wonderful new school

Next on the agenda is the landscaping of the area nearest the school and the rest of the extensive grounds will be turned into a sports ground. Once that work is finished, work will start on the building of “arms” either side so that when completed the school will accommodate a thousand students.

First assembly