Kovalam in Crisis

Kovalam is going through a terrible time. The currents have changed and the once placid sea of the Bay of Bengal is about to destroy 25 houses of the desperately poor villagers in its destructive wake. It has picked out a stretch of Kovalam – thankfully the boats are in a safe haven – to do its worst. Chennai and other coastal villages have not been affected. Four houses have already been swept away and immediate action is needed to save the rest of those in the sea’s sights by shoring them up with boulders. As no help has been forthcoming from the Government or anyone else, the Venkat Trust has lent the money for 25 lorry loads of rocks. This can only be a loan as obviously all our donations must and should be spent on education and the money will have to be repaid.

We need to raise £3,500. You already support us handsomely and, understandably, you may feel that you do enough for VMT but if you can help us to defray this cost, however small the donation, we would be very grateful.Donations can be made online here or online direct into our bank account (HSBC, 40-24-10, 11349406) or by cheque to PO Box 5039, Hove BN3 5XL. Please use your name and the reference “Houses” if paying online.


Guest House Aug 2015

The left hand picture shows the beach and sea as they usually are. The photo was taken from the terrace of the guest house, right, as it was a few days ago after the sea had created a huge crater. It has now been filled with rocks. The beach had been on level ground with the house. More permanent measures for all the houses affected will be discussed on the trustees’ visit to Kovalam next month.

Marine erosion

Any help you can give us would be very much appreciated. Thank you, on behalf of Team UK and Team Kovalam.
17 August 2015