Marathon target smashed for VMT

After weeks of training, the day of the Clontarf Half Marathon dawned at last. VMT supporter Julian Kulkarni had set the ambitious target of £2,000 for his fundraising but his most optimistic expectations were exceeded and the total has now reached an incredible £2,785. Not only that but Julian completed the run in under two and a quarter hours.

The Trust is hugely grateful to Julian for all the time and energy he’s given to training over the past months. He and Sylvia are now discussing how the money should be put to best use in Kovalam.

Julian and his family are great supporters of the Venkat Trust and sponsor two girls in Kovalam, Kaviya and Yuvarani, who are around the same age as Julian’s twin daughters, Sophie and Mia. It’s a connection that helps them understand a life very different to their own in South Dublin. Julian’s father is Indian, another important connection.