University Fund

With more of our young people going onto university or college, we are raising money for our University Fund. Any contribution, whatever the size, would be very gratefully received. Fees for the courses range from £430 a year for a B.Com degree to £1060 a year for a four year engineering degree. A five year degree in medicine costs £2,100 a year. While the individual’s sponsorship savings and the additional help we get from sponsors greatly assist us, we still have a large bill to meet each year so contributions would be gratefully received.

Or if you would like to discuss providing a scholarship to a young person please email us.


Having completed her postgraduate degree, Sumithra, our first sponsored child, was able to find a wonderful job at Chennai’s largest leisure complex. Recently she got married, her career and education making her a sought-after wife. Here’s a short film telling Sumithra’s story