Having a sponsor makes an immeasurable difference to a child and his or her family and there is always a waiting list of children needing to be sponsored.

Sponsors pay £14 a month. £8 goes to the family for the child’s welfare and £6 is kept in a savings account for the more expensive years ahead when the child moves onto further education. Our sponsors find this ongoing relationship with a child half a world away gives great pleasure as they watch their ‘child’ grow up.

VMT sponsorships are handled by Aarthi, our administrator in Kovalam. If you would like to sponsor a child or have any queries about an existing sponsorship please contact Aarthi.

For many sponsors there is the added pleasure of seeing “their” young person leave school and go on to university or other further education. Education has changed their lives and they can now look forward to a better future. Many of of our sponsored children are now at university, in different further education or doing post grad degrees. Other young people, who were not sponsored, have been awarded university scholarships by VMT supporters on the basis of academic ability, good character and economic need. Meanwhile, previously sponsored children who have already graduated, are now enjoying stimulating and well paid jobs.