Diversity and Equality Policy

This policy applies to trustees in the UK and India, staff employed in India by the Venkatraman Memorial Trust (the Venkat Trust) and volunteers. There are no UK staff. It is reviewed at regular intervals.

Policy statement

The Venkat Trust values the diversity of the children, their families, volunteers and staff in India with whom we work and is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and ensuring that no individual is discriminated against.


The Venkat Trust recognises its obligation under UK equal opportunities legislation. It is committed to ensuring fairness in all aspects of its work and will not accept any form of discrimination, direct or indirect, against any member of staff, volunteers or the children with whom it works. It will not tolerate bullying, discrimination or harassment by any of its staff or volunteers and any acts of deliberate discrimination will be dealt with as a disciplinary matter.

It is the Trust’s policy to ensure that no job applicant for a post in India or employee there receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, race, marital status, disability, age, part-time or fixed term contract status, sexual orientation or religion, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be justifiable. The Trust is committed not only to its legal obligations but also to the positive promotion of diversity and equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment. We seek to ensure that diversity and the contributions of all involved in the Trust are recognised and valued.


The Venkat Trust expects professional standards of behaviour from all of its volunteers, trustees and India based staff, who are all responsible for implementing this Equality and Diversity Policy and acting in accordance with it and relevant legislation.

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the overall implementation of the Policy.

India based staff/volunteers

Training and development will be available to all India based employees in order to perform their role. They will be given equal opportunities to progress within the Trust and, where appropriate, may be offered training to meet their full potential.

The Trust will actively encourage any member of staff who feels they have beendiscriminated against or have been the subject of harassment, to bring this to the attention of the trustees without fear of reprisal.

Equal Opportunities in Staff Recruitment and Selection

The Venkat Trust ensures that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment. Any job vacancies in India are advertised. The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy will be made available to all applicants and to employees. A positive attempt will be made to provide necessary facilities for anyone who requires special work arrangements as a result of disability.

August 2015